Sneak Peek 1: Nike K. Pokorn

Translation in Diaspora: Cultural Image Making through Translation

Nike K. Pokorn

University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

The aim of the presentation is to focus on the selections of the source texts and the framing of the target texts in the periodicals published by an émigré community in the US. This transfer of information about national and cultural images through translation is highlighted by examples of English translations of literary texts published in 3 periodicals within the Slovene immigrant community in the USA in the interwar period. It is argued that by means of these translations Slovene immigrant diaspora in the US attempted to construct a specific representation of their original culture, and communicate this image not only to the second generation of their community, but also to the mainstream US culture. Translation thus became one of the means of establishing intra-cultural communication between a marginalized immigrant linguistic community and the dominant English-speaking community that largely ignored its existence.

Keywords: translation in immigrant communities, Slovene diaspora in the USA, cultural image, framing, directionality in translation, translations in periodicals

Bio note:

Nike K. Pokorn is Professor of Translation Studies at the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is the author of several articles on translation and censorship, directionality in translation and PSIT, and of two monographs Challenging the Traditional Axioms: Translation into a non-mother tongue, (2005) and Post-socialist translation practices: ideological struggle in children’s literature (2012). The present study is a part of wider research on the role of translation in diaspora.