Sneak Peek 4: Elizabete Manterola Agirrezabalaga

Translating a (Self-)Translated Literature: Challenges of Direct Translation from a Minority Literature

Elizabete Manterola Agirrezabalaga

University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU

Abstract: Spanish is the main target language of translations from Basque. It is hard to find direct translations in the exportation into other languages, as not many people learn Basque as a foreign language. Even though, one of the goals of the Basque literature is to produce direct translations in order to avoid the use of the Spanish version as the source text. This paper will analyze the efforts made so far in promoting direct translation.

Some other interesting questions will also be addressed. As Spanish versions are vastly produced by the actual author, is it legitimate to translate a original book that has already been translated (or revised) by the author? If the target translator knows both Basque and Spanish, is it right to translate a book only from the Basque version or should the translator consult both versions (or even any other)? Opinions of professional translators will illustrate the difficulties that target translators have to face in direct translations from Basque.

Key words: Basque literature, exportation of minority literature, direct/indirect translation, self-translation, compiled original.

Bio: Elizabete Manterola Agirrezabalaga is lecturer of Translation and Interpreting at the University of the Basque Country UPV/EHU. She works on translated Basque literature and she is the author of the book La literatura vasca traducida (Peter Lang, 2014). She has published various papers on self-translation in Basque literature, observing mainly works by Bernardo Atxaga. Other research interests include translation within minority language contexts, indirect translation, or corpus-based translation studies.