Sneak Peek 15: Päivi Kuusi

Training Minority Language Translators

Päivi Kuusi

University of Eastern Finland

Abstract: In research on minority language translation, little attention has been paid to translator training. In the presentation, an attempt will be made to map the differences in training minor vs. major language translators and to reflect on some of the basic tenets of translator training from the point of view of small minority languages. The theoretical framework adopted combines research on minority language translation and the training objectives set for translation training programmes in higher education in Europe. The theory is then related to the speaker’s personal teaching experience as a trainer and lecturer in an ongoing language revitalization project, where translator training is employed as an instrument for revitalizing the endangered Karelian language.

Keywords: translator training, minority languages, language revitalization, information mining, translation as communication, volunteer translation

Bio: Päivi Kuusi is a senior lecturer in Russian Language and Translation at the University of Eastern Finland. Kuusi has completed her PhD on Dostoevsky’s free indirect discourse in translations. Her research interests include literary translation, narratology, translation universals and translation pedagogy. Currently, Kuusi is doing post-doctoral research on minority language translation, focusing on the role of translator training in the revitalization of the endangered Karelian language.