Sneak Peek 30: Salah Basalamah

What is Arch-Translation?

Salah Basalamah

University of Ottawa

Abstract: Translation studies have recently undergone some very deep developments that may lead the discipline to a radical restructuration. As a matter of fact the evolution of the last years is moving the translation concept to be identified in an increasing number of fields of knowledge and hold a greater role in shaping the way reality is constructed.

In (2016) I have called for the acknowledgement of a metatheoretical space in translation studies to account for these developments knowing that the mapping of the discipline is in continuing progress. But these efforts need to go further and take stock of the scattered but nonetheless converging conceptualizations of translation in a more encompassing interdisciplinary framework. Hence the proposed paper is aimed at explaining the focal concept that has come out of our metatheoretical reflection, i.e. the concept of “Arch-Translation”. What is it, what is its extent and how did we come to devise it?

Bio: Salah Basalamah’s fields of research include the Philosophy of Translation, Translation Rights, Postcolonial, Cultural and Religious Studies, as well as Western Islam and Muslims. He’s the author of Le droit de traduire. Une politique culturelle pour la mondialisation [The Right to Translate. A Cultural Policy for Globalization] (2009) at the University of Ottawa Press. He is now working on a forthcoming book on the philosophy of translation and its varied applications in the fields of social and natural sciences.