Sneak Peek 39: Deise Medina

Audio Description in Textbooks

Deise Medina

Federal University of Bahia, Brazil

deisemoni [at]

Abstract: The images in textbooks sometimes serve to complement the texts, others to illustrate their contents, and sometimes they are the main source of information for the resolution of the issues proposed by the books. Therefore, this is true for students who can see but also for students with total or partial visual impairment, who also need to have access to this kind of language. In Brazil, they had ensured their access to reading in 2003, through the Law 10,753/2003, which establishes the national book policy. The assistive technology resource used to translate the images in the textbook into words is the audio description. This research, which is still embryonic, have a qualitative approach and it is based on a documentary analysis to examine whether the audio descriptions made for the images of the selected Portuguese books, include an understanding of themselves and their functionality in the proposed contexts.

Bio: English teacher at IFBA, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology. PHd student in the program of Education and Diversity at UFBA, Federal University of Bahia. Master in Language and Linguistics by UFBA and graduated in Languages by UNIJORGE, Jorge Amado University Center. She is vice-coordinator of TRAMAD, research group in Translation, Media and Audio description, and she is an audio describer and subtitler since 2008.