Sneak Peek 44: Gaafar Sadek

Arch-Translation and the Philosophy of Science

Gaafar Sadek

University of Ottawa

Abstract: Across the various disciplines constituting the epistemic culture of natural science, we can see the common thread of a regulated process of connection-transfer-transformation, or arch-translation. Attempts to explore the systemic interpretive potential of translation have been made by others, even in the discipline of TS, but constructing the notion of arch-translation endeavours to go beyond systems thinking into a metatheoretical space that allows for a holistic, integrated and fundamentally interdisciplinary notion of translation to emerge. The aim of the paper is to provide an overview of the metatheory and applications of the notion of arch-translation for and in the natural sciences. At the metatheoretical level, this will be done by looking at the realism-relativism debate in philosophy of science in its various manifestations. We shall then follow the notion of arch-translation in some of its manifestations across the natural sciences.

Bio: Gaafar Sadek is a PhD candidate at the University of Ottawa. His doctoral dissertation revisits the social policy surrounding translation rights for knowledge societies and digital economies in a globalized world. His areas of research include philosophy, social development and religious studies. He sits on the international advisory board of Alternative Perspectives and Global Concerns. Gaafar is also a director in the Canadian Government, specializing in training, learning and professional development.