TM2 Keynote: Anthony Pym

Mediation choice as performative language policy

Friday, November 10, 9:30 AM – SMD129

When we do not know the language of the other, communication requires some kind of mediation: translation, interpreting, intercomprehension, a pidgin, a lingua franca, language learning, or mixes of all these. We choose from them, making mediation choices, in ways that are mostly impure and eminently creative, where translation is only one option among many, mostly not the dominant or most efficient. Those choices perform the ways languages interrelate in the multilingual polis, enacting links that are mostly unforeseen and often not condoned by the politics of national languages. This talk will draw on a series of case studies conducted in the project Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe, using them to model the criteria by which people in movement make mediation choices.

Bio. Anthony Pym is lead researcher for the work group on “Mediation” in the large-scale Collaborative European Project MIME (Mobility and Inclusion in Multilingual Europe, 2014-18). He was President of the European Society for Translation Studies from 2010 to 2016. He has authored, edited or co-edited some 25 books in the general area of translation and intercultural studies.